Bike Fest bonanza

It is the ‘Year of the Rat’ in the Chinese nomenclature for 2020 but, in South Africa, it is going to be the year of the biker with no less than five festivals scheduled for the two-wheel community.

Africa’s biggest motorcycle, music and lifestyle festival will now be extending its reach across South Africa with Bike Fest SA 2020 taking over five rocking venues. Bike Fest SA, working in conjunction with SA’s favourite motorcycle brands, will kickstart this biking journey with the Jeffrey’s Bay Bike Fest in the Eastern Cape from February 28 to March 1.

Image: Justin Klusener

“The annual Bike Fest, which originated on the KZN South Coast, has proved so popular we are responding to market demand and taking the festival to another four locations across the country,” says event organiser, Vicky Wentzel – owner of Wozani Africa Events and co-founder of Africa Bike Week  & South Coast Bike Fest.


“The festival destinations selected will showcase some of South Africa’s most incredible towns – inland and seaside destinations – and the dedicated event programme will ensure all ages and interests are catered for, from the die-hard biker fans through to the musos and foodies, everyone will find something to enjoy at any of the Bike Fest SA 2020 Festivals!”


Bike Fest SA 2020 is a celebration of the modern biking experience while also retaining its connection to the traditionally explorative soul of ‘old school’ bikers. These family-friendly events are also the perfect destination for those seeking quality music, food and retail stores with a line-up of great biking displays planned throughout the festival. This collective five-series festival will be marketed on international platforms positioning South Africa as a motorcycle destination.


Charl du Plessis of Kouga Municipality said they were positioning Jeffrey’s Bay as a top travel and tourism destination in South Africa:

“This region is an iconic surfing location – the second most famous worldwide – but we have extended the tourism experience beyond this. Our pristine Blue Flag beach is wonderful for swimming and relaxation, while the many seaside cafes, retail offerings and nature reserves make for an idyllic coastal getaway.”

He said the inaugural Jeffrey’s Bay Bike Fest worked alongside the municipality’s mandate of extending the tourism footprint:

“We are looking forward to welcoming many new visitors to this beautiful part of the world. The Bike Fest programme is really packed with a wide variety of entertainment suited to bikers, music lovers, foodies and thrill seekers.”

Local biker, Dean Gilbert, who is involved in the on-ground event organisation, said the Jeffrey’s Bay Bike Fest was set to be a ‘motorcycle wonderland’:

“Stopping in a small town, like Jeffrey’s Bay, and being greeted by the friendly locals is what makes riding so great! We encourage everyone to get their gear ready and experience the amazing biking, beautiful people and attractions we have on offer at the 2020 bike fest.”


Jeffrey’s Bay Bike Fest highlights

  • Biker and beach bars
  • Power Play featuring Wheelie Machines, an Arm-Wrestling Power Table, and Virtual Reality Bike Racing
  • The Kouga Talent Search on Friday, February 28 with R15 000 for first place
  • Experiential Energy Zone with a Burnout Pit, Le Riche Brother Stunt Riders, King Donut
  • Bike Rocker Stage featuring top DJs and artists including Mean Mr Mustard, Koos Kombuis, Early B, Fatman, Bigggy, Wonderboom, Ghapi, Anton Botha, Roan Ash and Jo Black, as well as the Bike Fest SA Fashion Show & Battle of the Bands
  • Street Vibes featuring Street Dancing, Busker Alley, Marching Brass Bands and Scottish Pipe Bands
  • Custom Bike Show
  • Outrides including the J Bay Explorer Bike Route
  • Benevolent Fund charity initiative raising funds through the Mayoral Mass Parade on Sunday morning

Check out to book your tickets and accommodation now, or visit the ‘Bike Fest SA’ Facebook and Instagram pages for all the latest updates.

Bike Fest 2020 Countrywide Schedule

Jeffrey’s Bay Bike Fest

28 February to 1 March 2020

Jeffery’s Bay, Eastern Cape

South Coast Bike Fest, Port Edward

25 to 27 April 2020

Port Edward, Ugu District, KwaZulu-Natal

Clarens Bike Fest

24 to 26 July 2020

Clarens, Free State Province

North Coast Bike Fest, Ballito

4 to 6 September 2020

Ballito Beachfront, KwaDukuza, KwaZulu-Natal

West Coast Bike Fest, Langebaan

23 to 25 October 2020

Langebaan, Western Cape


Adrenalin action at StreetFest

Cape Town is about a whole lot more than ‘The Mountain’ and some of the most stunning beaches in the world – and the entry list for the StreetFest on December 28 proves it is a city with a passion for fast cars and adrenalin action.

The StreetFest at Killarney International Raceway in partnership with the City of Cape Town looks like a ‘Who’s Who’ of the quickest quarter-milers in South Africa and beyond.

Among the 86 contenders, chosen from more than 100 entries, there are six cars and three motorcycles from Namibia, three from Shawn Dziire’s AirVolution Motorsport stable in Johannesburg, two more from Jannie Bezuidenhout in Pretoria, teenage National Drag Racing title contender Stephen Lottering on his Kawasaki ZX-6R, hot rookie Lenzey Henry from Springbok on a trick Suzuki GSX-R1000 and ex-Capetonian Rameez Ebrahim, now resident in Jozi but back for StreetFest 2019 with a killer Audi TT-RS.

Heading the charge, however, will be Tiaan van der Merwe, straight out of Mpumalanga in Fireball, a late-1970s MkII Ford Escort with a 434 cubic inch (7,1-litre) small block Chevy V8 by Steve Schmidt of Indianapolis, Indiana, rated at 850 horsepower.

191218 Street2Strip Preview 6

It is reputed to be the quickest naturally aspirated street-car in South Africa, consistently running low 10s inland, and Van der Merwe is bringing it to Killarney in search of that elusive first nine-second run.

Mayoral Committee member for Safety & Security, Alderman JP Smith says: “Cape Town has one of the most enthusiastic motor sport fan bases and this is evident by the numbers that descend on the Killarney International Raceway for every race event.

“As the City of Cape Town, we are proud to support events that contribute to our economy, provide opportunities for our residents while also giving petrol heads a platforms for more responsible racing instead of illegal street racing which unfortunately remains very prevalent on our roads, often with devastating consequences.

“We wish all the participants a safe race and we would like to encourage residents to head to Killarney to support the drivers. ”

There are many facets to Cape Town’s car culture, however, and most of them are represented at StreetFest.

You will see drifting on the Tar Oval, customised cars with incredible paint jobs, cars that sit so low on their suspension that they can only be driven in straight lines (their owners jack them up and adjust their ride height before driving to and from the event!), cars with sound systems that would put a recording studio to shame and cars with outrageous body kits that have less to do with aerodynamics than with image.

They all have one thing in common, however: They reflect the personality of their owners in a way that a standard model off the showroom floor never could.

Also in the New Pits Complex, you will find the computers and sound pressure meters of the IASCA Sound-Off. These enthusiasts take their sport (and it is a world-recognised sport) very seriously indeed. Pretty has nothing to do with it and many of the cars clearly reflect their backyard origins.

Nevertheless, with a bank of batteries feeding multi-kilowatt amplifiers through cables as thick as your thumb, all the windows closed and nobody in the car, they can produce a single tone louder than a jet fighter on take-off.

Image: Extreme Car Sound

StreetFest is not only about cars, It is also about the people who love them – petrolheads of all ages – with a children’s play area below the New Pits Lounge as well as dozens of food and beverage stalls, and vendors offering motoring-related merchandise.

Gates open at 6:30 am on Saturday 28 (with Sunday 29 December pencilled in as rain date). There will be on-track action from 9:00 am, as well as the Sound-Off and displays from 10:00 am to around 5:00 pm. Book through Computicket at or pay at the gate: R90 for adults, R40 for scholars under 16 and free for children under 12.

Headed to Hell – a review

Way down, deep down inside the industrial area of Benoni on the Eastern side of Johannesburg where darkness brings a deafening silence and filmmakers would love a zombie on every corner, lies a haven of heavy metal, burning bright against the security floodlit night.

It is the home of The Burning, often billed as Johannesburg’s loudest band and – considering a Peavey PA system with 44 000 Watts of output and some eight tons of gear, not all that surprising. It is their workspace, headspace and refuge from fallen governments, litter strewn streets and all the other crap that makes up still being a living human in this sprawling city.


I’m in this almost pristinely tidy haven with lead vocalist Glenn ‘Scarthroat’ Unger, sipping a virginal bottle of cold water, to listen to the band’s second album with 10 new and original tracks penned by Scarthroat himself with the music a collaborative effort from the rest of the guys.

Glen ‘Scarthroat’ Unger

The Burning is not just a cute band name and the guys take it seriously – the fundamentals of the band lying in the undeniable power of rock and roll; a fire that first ignited in the 1990’s when guitarist and songwriter Steve Kay made, as Glen puts it: “… a choice to unleash some serious musical mayhem on the general public”.

The lineup has changed over the 20 year history of the group and currently comprises Steve Kay on lead and rhythm guitar (ex Ragnarok and Helter Skelter), Pete Brück on lead and rhythm guitar (ex Flying Circus), Kyle Shoesmith on drums (ex Hate Speech, Quamata and The Question), Derek Newman on bass (ex Metalmorphosis) and Unger on vocals (ex Sanctum, Chemically Sharpened and The Question).

IMG_0887 (800x533)

“Although there have been changes in the lineup, the passion to present an uncompromising set of songs and create a captivating stage show has always been a main driver for the members,” says Unger, adding poetically, “Music is not a physical element, it is an entity that, if done right, will cut you like a knife; it cannot be seen or touched, but if you listen closely it will make you feel emotions that will change your life.”

It is a desperately sad truism South Africans tend to like local bands to sound like international acts so they can rubbish them when they do. Sure, The Burning, as individuals, have musical influences and some of this comes through in the tracks on ‘Headed To Hell’ but they are not a copy band; they are a South African band.

IMG_0906 (800x533)

If this peturbs you, accept a middle-finger salute and go back to jerking off over Justin Bieber songs.

All the tracks on the album are both uniquely South African as well as carrying a global message from the opening track ‘Dirty Lil’ Bitch’ that talks about ‘that’ woman who preys on men in pubs, flaunting her offerings as a prelude to robbery.

IMG_7288 (533x800)

The title track ‘Headed To Hell’ is about the agony of gambling addiction. “When he lost his last R200 it results in a psychological turmoil of keeping the secret from his family. The man cannot find solitude within himself, leading to the reality he is headed for hell’,” says Unger.

‘A Different Day’ is about the hardship of living far away from your loved ones and making the most of the time you do have with them; ‘Taking My Kindness’ talks about being taken for granted and the rising anger that follows; ‘Breaking The Chains’ speaks to one chance we have on this planet and the fact it is up to us to make it enjoyable; ‘Here I Am’ is about overcoming a life of poverty and turning bad into good; ‘Valentine’s Day’ is very South African specific yet carries a universal message about love turned to hate; ‘Blood For Freedom’ talks to the horror stories of atrocities against humanity and ‘The Call’ is about uniting us all and standing together against greed-driven corrupt politicians.

IMG_0895 (800x533)
Kyle Shoesmith

The passion-driven diverse themes in the lyrics are backed by an equal amount in the music that ebbs and flows through the full emotional range from whimsically sad to outright hell-and-damnation mad with an equally wide range of internal band interplay.

There is hard rock/heavy metal and then there is. . .well, just noise. Sadly the purview of all to many wannabee metalheads the fuzz box and reverb force fed into underpowered amplifiers generates a wall of noise that is wholly unintelligible and totally offensive to the genre.

Think Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Raven and other top flight metal bands. The secret is the music is very carefully crafted and properly structured and, The Burning do just that on ‘Headed To Hell’. Every single note can be clearly heard, every subtle timing change noted, every clever little riff an auditory delight and every single word sung by Unger clearly audible whatever the tempo or ferocity of the music behind it.

IMG_7294 (533x800)
Derek Newman

Listen carefully and you can easily fade out everything else just to listen to the frenetic bass lines being laid down by Derek Newman or the back and forth lead and rhythm interplay between Steve Kay and Peter Brück.

Make no mistake The Burning are on fire (Oh come on! You expected that now!) and the three years it took to put this album together have not been wasted.

It has been quite a strange interview session. On stage Unger is a fireball of feral energy teasing, taunting and tormenting audiences, the very oxygen in the air feeding the rage blazing inside of him yet, on this occasional he sits quietly as he plays each track for me – but it is not hard to see how hard he is struggling to keep emotion in check.


Justifiably proud of what the band has done, I get the feeling he would love to run around screaming with joy like a kid in a candy shop. Go do it Glen, go do it.

If there is any fire in your soul, go and get a copy of ‘Headed For Hell’ – releasing in the first week of December and available on Spotify, You Tube and all major electronic channels as well as CD from the band’ website.

Ignite the fire!

Concert stage at Kyalami 9-Hour

The ‘full Monty’ is coming to Kyalami for the 9-Hour race in November in the tradition of the great endurance races of Europe – a full-on pop concert on both the Friday and Saturday – and the only thing missing at this point is the giant Ferris Wheel.

Eighteen of South Africa’s biggest DJs, bands and artists will perform during the Intercontinental GT Challenge Powered by Pirelli season finale.

Leading the pack is internationally renowned guru of the decks, Black Coffee, who takes to the stage on Saturday. This powerhouse DJ continues to churn out record-breaking tunes, which include the mega-hit ‘Drive’ in collaboration with David Guetta and featuring Delilah Montagu.


The Kyalami 9 Hour is also thrilled to launch the ‘Africa Is Not A Jungle’ stage, Black Coffee’s vision aimed at amplifying international appreciation of African music. Joining him on the Kyalami stage and then on his drive to greater international recognition are the best in dance adrenaline fuelled artists Transmicsoul, Culoe De Song, Lemon & Herb, Julian Gomes and Kid Fonque echoing the sentiment ‘Africa Is Not A Jungle’ – it is the ancient birthplace of the human race and a continent characterised by its colourful mix of cultures, nature, art and musical fusion.

On Friday the grooves will blast off at 14:00 with a dazzling line-up of artists. Internationally acclaimed rock royalty Prime Circle will get hearts racing with their chart-topping hits such as ‘She Always Gets What She Wants’ and ‘Consider Me’.


Sun El Musician, the artist who has captured the heart of the nation and rose to fame with his smash hit ‘Akanamali’ promises to be a showstopper whilst the soulful three-piece House group Mi Casa will pump the gas with their ‘Jika’ vibes.

Pushing the pace with Black Coffee on the Saturday and kicking off at 16:00, one of South Africa’s most loved female acts will take to the stage: sensational smash-hit singer Shekhinah. Young, entrancing and overflowing with fresh vibes, the ‘Golden Rose’ Shekhinah is no stranger to the stage, possessing all the sass and blissful vocals to wrap the crowd around her finger. Her track record guarantees a powerful performance.


Tom Pearson-Adams, CEO of the Kyalami 9 Hour: “With the addition of a star studded line-up to this groundbreaking event, we truly feel that we have catered for fans from all walks of life. This will be entertainment at its best. Speed and sound, family and fun.

It is an event for everyone and we feel privileged and honoured to not only host the top racing drivers in the world, but to also provide a platform for some of South Africa’s top performing artists that truly know how to entertain.”

It’s a go

The dots and crosses are all in the right places and the South Coast Bike Fest is a go for 2019 where Margate will again play host to hundreds of motorcyclists and friends with good food, great music and an awesome vibe in store.

The South Coast Bike Fest – presented by Ugu South Coast Tourism with endorsement and support from Ray Nkonyeni Municipality, Ugu District, the Department of Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs and Tourism KwaZulu-Natal – will run from April 26 to 28 and tickets are now available!


UGU South Coast Tourism CEO, Phelisa Mangcu, said even those with little knowledge of motorcycles would find the South Coast Bike Fest an entertaining experience that was well worth a visit.

“For biking enthusiasts, attending the annual South Coast Bike Fest is undeniably a calendar highlight, but there is so much to this fun-filled event that makes it such a great experience. The diverse musical programme brings together some of the country’s best talent, appealing to all tastes and interests.

“The South Coast Bike Fest provides a platform and opportunity to showcase the emerging businesses in the region. For those with a taste for good food and drink, there are a number of beautifully-positioned bars and restaurants, as well as a pop-up food village. The endless trade vendor stands in the festival market are great for browsing and finding really unique biking apparal purchases, and the non-stop stunt shows, demo rides and performances are always a crowd pleaser. There is something for everyone here!”

Biking events

When it comes to biking, the South Coast Bike Fest has it all! The Full Throttle Staging Arena will see some of the most extreme biking stunts and demonstrations by South Africa’s most daring riders. While those looking for the best in bikes and biking accessories, there are the Corporate Motorcycle Dealership Expo Decks, Classic Bike Club Show Deck and Bike Repair Workshop & Pre-owned Sales Deck. Showcasing the biking community spirit will be a number of outrides and outreach projects including The Mass Ride and The Soweto School of Riding.


Music festival

The South Coast Bike Fest has become synonymous with top-notch South African musical acts and 2019 is no different! You will get the chance to enjoy a range of musical options at one of the many festival stages, including the Budweiser Beach Stage, Village Pier Rock Stage, Sunset Beach Party and the Flying Fish Seafood & Wine Jazz Deck.


Pubs and grub

For the country’s biggest and best biking festival, there must be only the best food options on offer. This is why the South Coast Bike Fest boasts nine festival-themed bars and restaurants including the Beach Cocktail Bar, HOG Hospitality Bar, Village Pier Rock Bar, Full Throttle Energy Bar, Pop Up Village Food Court and Mid Beach Grass Festival Bars & Chill Lounge. Great food, drinks and vibes all round!


Those looking for a little retail therapy will find what they need in the Village Market Square Trading complete with a range of incredible stalls featuring only quality crafts, clothing, gifts, and much more. The South Coast also has a variety of cultural and heritage sites, as well as outdoor adventure and leisure activities. Those with a #SCBF19 festival pin can get a discount on Best Helicopter Flips from St Mikes.


The festival destination is the perfect day-trip from Joburg – under 700 km – on safe biking roads. Many of the biking community stay over in the Midlands as a way to break the trip, and there are a number of accommodation venues close to the festival precinct. Simply email indicating your preferences, the number of friends and family joining, and accommodation will be sourced!


Transport and security

There will be a Park n Ride Shuttle Service to get you between the parking area and festival site. The award-winning Margate SAPS precinct will be working closely with the event security personnel to ensure everyone is kept safe throughout the festival. There will also be a Central Security & Medics, as well as Beach Lifesavers station on-site.

How to register

Bikers and pillions wanting to access any of the bars or stages (Budweiser Beach Stage, Village Pier Rock Stage, Mid Beach Stage, Full Throttle Entertainment Zone, Reggae Bar and Jazz Bar) must pre-register online ( and purchase a South Coast Bike Fest 2019 pin for R35. Bikers and pillions will need to purchase a pin each. Bikers must be accompanied by their pillion to collect the pre-purchased pin at the Sasol Garage, Margate – bike licences must be shown.

Three go for one

Good news for World Rallycross fans is there will three Hyundai i10 Supercars in action this year with the Finnish GRX Taneco team headed by double World Rally Champion, Marcus Gronholm.

The team will retain its two permanent drivers – Niclas Grönholm and Timur Timerzyanov – who will be accompanied by development driver Reinis Nitišs for several outings. The trio will chase trophies with a 2019 version of the team’s Hyundai i20 Supercars.


GRX Taneco successfully debuted it’s Hyundai i20 Supercar last season and after 12 rounds claimed fourth in the World RX Teams’ standings, with Niclas Grönholm finishing seventh and Timerzyanov 10th in the Drivers’ championship.

“We knew that our first season with a new car would be tough, but we exceeded our expectations in 2018 and throughout the winter break we have been working hard to improve our i20 Supercars and take the next step in 2019,” said GRX Taneco Team Principal Marcus Grönholm.

“With this project we are thinking long term and I am happy that we have the same great core team with us, and the same driver line-up that can continue their work and fight for the leading positions in the championship.”

The team recently completed its first test session of the year in Southern France where they evaluated the first set of updates for the Hyundai i20 Supercar.

“This will be the first time I will drive the same car for a second consecutive season and I will start it with a good knowledge of the i20 Supercar. The base performance was already there and we have worked on tweaks around the car to shave off crucial tenths of a second. The 2019 season (April 05) is just around the corner and I’m really looking forward to the first round at the new track in Abu Dhabi,” said 22-year old Niclas Grönholm.


Triple European Rallycross champion, Timerzyanov said: “Rallycross is my passion and I believe in it, so naturally I am thrilled to start my sixth season of World RX and to do a second year together with GRX Taneco. This season will offer more opportunities for privateer teams, meaning that we also have a bigger chance to show our supporters good results and great action for the fans. It is just 10 rounds, so there will be no sandbagging and everyone will be trying to claim the podium positions.”


Team Manager, Jussi Pinomäki added: “I think the competition this season will be very, very close and this year will prove to be an exciting one for drivers and spectators. Last year we built a good base to work from – all of our technical staff have remained on-board, both Niclas and Timur know the car well, and I am confident that with this package we’ll be able to fight for top positions.

“For further improvements we have also added a third car for several rounds with Reinis as our development driver, to help us gain data and continue the car’s evolution.”

GRX newcomer Nitišs said: “I’m happy to be back in World RX, even though it’s not a full-season programme. Together with Jussi Pinomäki I have claimed two Euro RX titles and I know the people working in the team – everyone is professional, dedicated and passionate. Part of my season will be spent working together with the engineers and team behind the scenes, or testing car updates. But be assured, when I’m racing you can expect no giveaways.”

Multi-platinum selling artist Sean Paul will perform live at the Dayinsure World RX of Great Britain, the UK leg of the FIA World Rallycross Championship, presented by Monster Energy.


The British event, round four of the World RX championship, is the centrepiece of the SpeedMachine Festival at Silverstone from May 25-26. The multi-faceted SpeedMachine brings together an array of motorsport activity, street food and entertainment.

SpeedMachine returns to Silverstone following its successful debut on the FIA World Rallycross Championship calendar last year.

Paul, the Jamaican-born rapper and producer, whose hits include Mad Love, Temperature and Get Busy will headline the entertainment on the evening of Saturday, May 25 with a number of additional guest appearances to be announced soon.

“To have someone of the calibre of Sean Paul as the headline performer for Saturday night at Silverstone underlines SpeedMachine’s status as a must-visit festival of motor racing and entertainment,” says Paul Bellamy, Senior Vice President of IMG Motorsports, the promoter of the FIA World Rallycross Championship, presented by Monster Energy.

Get your motor running

From the Steppenwolf song ‘Born To Be Wild’ – “Get your motor runnin’, Head out on the highway, Looking for adventure..” – those sentiments are the passion behind the South Coast Bike Fest and things are already gearing up for the 2019 version from April 26 to 28.

IMG_0923 (800x533)

Once again the prime location of one of the country’s top holiday destinations, Margate, will welcome bikers from all corners of South Africa for a healthy mix of camaraderie, music and fun.

The annual event – presented by Ugu South Coast Tourism with endorsement and support from Ray Nkonyeni Municipality and Ugu District – will take place across Margate Beach promenade.

IMG_0677 (800x533)

“South Coast Bike Fest™ 2019 (#SCBF19) is set to be bigger and better than previous years with a full programme line-up that includes great music, incredible stunts, extreme sports, food and drinks,” says Vicky Wentzel, event organiser. “All the action will be taking place along the palm-fringed beachfront boulevard within beautiful coastal town of Margate, and we’ve ensured a really diverse festival programme that caters to all tastes.”

IMG_0647 (800x533)

Visitors to the South Coast Bike Fest 2019 can look forward to, among other things:

· Entertainment at the Main Beach Stage and Village Pier Rock Stage
· 6 Beachfront Boulevard-Themed Bars
· Street Busking Entertainment
· Demo Rides
· Village Market and Expo Zones
· Stunt Shows
· Food Courts
· EnduroX Staging Arenas
· 9 On-site Restaurants and Pubs
· The Mass Ride

The festival destination is the perfect day-trip from Joburg – under 700km – on safe biking roads. Many of the biking community stay over in the Midlands as a way to break the trip, and there are a number of accommodation venues close to the festival precinct. Simply email indicating your preferences, the number of friends and family joining, and accommodation will be sourced!

IMG_0787 (800x533)

Bikers and pillions wanting to access any of the bars or stages (Main Beach Stage, Village Pier Rock Stage, Energy Zone, Reggae Bar and Jazz Bar) must pre-register online ( and purchase a South Coast Bike Fest 2019 pin for R35. Bikers and pillions will need to purchase a pin each. Bikers must be accompanied by their pillion to collect the pre-purchased pin at the Sasol Garage, Margate – bike licences must be shown.

The full music line-up will be announced early in 2019. Vendor applications have opened and anyone wishing to be involved in #SCB19 can contact Vicky Wentzel at or call 082 812 7944.

Ticket prices for #SCBF19 are:

· VIP 3-day pass which includes full event access plus Golden Circle & VIP Pool Bar – R450
· VIP day pass which includes full event access plus Golden Circle & VIP Pool Bar – R150
· 3-day pedestrian pass – R200
· Daily pedestrian pass – R80
· 3-day pedestrian pass (4 to 12 Years, accompanied by parents) – R100
· Daily pedestrian pass (4 to 12 Years, accompanied by parents) – R40
· Children under 4 years – free
· 3-day pensioners’ pass – R180
· Daily pensioners’ pass – R60

IMG_0935 (800x533)